AutoConnect Help and Support


AutoConnect is an Android application that periodically turns on the wifi connection of your device. This can be useful in the following situations:

Indeed, when wifi is constantly enabled and connected to an access point (AP), the battery is drained quickly. Many devices barely sustain a whole day of a constant wifi connection. Additionally, most usage patterns don't require a constant connection but only a periodic one (to get status updates, emails, notifications). AutoConnect solves that problem.


When AutoConnect is enabled, it will periodically attempt to connect to wifi each 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour (settable in the configuration). If wifi is not available, it will try again on the next run. This way, the wifi usage is minimized and your battery will last longer.


AutoConnect will start automatically if configured to do so in the settings. Here are the explanation of the different fields:

That's it! No complicated setup.

Note: to avoid wifi staying on all the time, make sure you use the following phone settings. In Wireless & networks / Wi-Fi settings, press the menu key, chose Advanced and set the Wi-Fi sleep policy to When screen turns off or Never when plugged in.



If you need help or you believe AutoConnect doesn't work properly with your device. Please contact us here and provide the following information: precise phone brand and model, Android version/custom rom type and version. We'll get back to you as soon as possible.